EZ Cat 2 now supports seperating the disks catalogued into different catalogues. Using this is optional, you don't have to have any catalogues at all. To create a catalogue use the "Create new Catalogue" option on the "Catalouge" menu. You will be prompted for a name for the catalogue. To delete a catalogue it has to be empty of disks - then you can right click on the catalogue and click "Delete selected" or use the "Delete selected" option on the "Catalogue" menu. Renaming a catalogue is the same process but using the "Rename selected" option instead. (Although catalogues do not have to be empty to rename them.) To move a disk into a catalogue or between catalogues you can right click on the disk you want to move and use the "Move to catalogue..." option. You will be prompted for which catalogue you want to move the disk to.

Catalogues are stored as directories. When you create a catalogue EZ Cat creates a sub directory under the database path. Any disk files in that sub directory are in that catalogue. This means you can manage your disk files, catalogues and databases yourself with Windows explorer or any other program if you wish. (Another interesting side effect is that you can set the Database path to be one of the catalogue directories if you wish, although don't create any catalogues in there because EZ Cat only supports one level of directories for catalogues. If you create any catalogues within catalogues, EZ Cat will just ignore them when you go back to your standard database path.)